Corporate Identity System

I served on a committee whose vision was to "develop a comprehensive communications strategy to insure a consistent corporate image in the market place by focusing on communications design consistency within the organization." The goal was to "develop and propose a plan to promote the 'systems concept' to their products, programs, and services." The objective was "to evaluate all current product and program graphic standards, address corporate identity concerns, and recommend a course of action."

The initial evaluation showed that there was very little consistency.

My recommendation was to take the strongest and most basic graphic standard that consisted of the corporation's logo, logotype, and positioning statement,

and create a design template system in identifying the company's' product, programs, and services.

This template system has reached the committee's goal and objectives by giving the company a more consistent and stronger corporate image.


Logo Design

This logo design is for Fuelinsight, a new start-up company that provides SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to manage fuel inventories, deliveries, and other related downstream petroleum (fuel industry) info. This stylized "f" makes a fuel pump handle and a face profile with a drop of fuel in the organ of sight.

Fuelinsight logo

The Subsite Electronics® division of CMW who make and manufactures underground locating equipment wanted to have their own Identity. I designed this logo by focusing on the most universal symbol for locating and pinpointing objects, the X or cross hairs. I then put a circle around it and made a stylized "S".

Subsite Logo


Here is a logo I designed for Data Tech - proprietary software developed by Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems-West Inc. to aid in the inspecting and evaluating the energy efficiency of homes and buildings.

Data Tech logo


This logo was designed for J&J Farms - organically grown produce.

J and J Farms logo